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KetoGen4 Is Here

Hi there! This is a little bit lengthy so I hope you’ll read to the end! I thought about simply posting the company video (it's further down the page), but I feel the need to educate and expound! Thank you for showing interest in the information I posted all over Facebook and LinkedIn about the brand new Fat Loss supplement from my “other” company New U Life!

KetoGen4 was unveiled at our regional convention last Saturday and launched to an incredibly eager audience on Monday May 6th. All the particulars of the product and its ingredients were tightly held by the company and the 30+ folks who have been using it in the test phase over the last few weeks.

Sooooo… since the launch date I have spent tons of time catching up, assessing, and learning as much as I can about it so I can share with you. At first I was surprised to learn that it’s a Keto product because I know there are plenty of them on the market already. HOWEVER!! I was confident that our founder and 3rd generation master formulator Alexy Goldstein had done something unique and phenomenal to bring a differentiated product to the fat loss market. I am not disappointed! Alexy is a flat out formulating genius.

The Alexy Goldstein approach to supplement formulation in general is to -

1) Research and find where the greatest health needs lie. Knowing that 75% of Americans are overweight and that 40% are obese, it’s a no brainer that we’re in a health crisis! (There’s the greatest need).

2) Research other products currently on the market and determine their efficacy or lack of it.

3) Consult with medical professionals and take the “good” from what is working and eliminate what’s not working in those products.

4) Create a new improved formulation including the very best ingredients available staying focused on quality of outcome, not expense.

5) Include additional ingredients to make it more health and wellness oriented and to mitigate any possible side effects of the product i.e. in this case - jitters, hunger, nausea, gross taste, stress on endocrine system, limited usefulness for the general population, systemic acidity, inflexible food consumption parameters, etc.

6) Make it easily accessible and more affordable than any other product on the market.

7) Provide education to distributors and the end-user for the greatest possible successful outcome.

I’ve been in the fitness, health, and wellness industry for about 30 years and I’m not about to wrap my reputation around something I feel is low quality or ultimately unnecessary. I’m not that big into these kinds of supplements and have rarely promoted anything to my clients…that is until I found this company’s products….which are only 2 now! I do feel so blessed to have been introduced to New U Life through my friend, business partner, and fitness legend Clark Bartram. (google him for some eye candy). Our flagship product Somaderm Gel, which I’ve used daily for the last 5 months, has literally changed my health and life. (Not to get off subject, please PM me on Facebook or LinkedIn if you want to chat about that).

Back to the Fat Loss system which is available to purchase here. if it doesn't click through, just copy and paste to your browser.

Just FYI, when you click on the purchase link, it takes you to a page where you can choose to be a Customer or a Distributor. Just click on your preference and the KG4 will be in the store. Of course the best pricing is under Distributor but you don’t have to decide that today.

Hey! You’re still reading! I want to briefly summarize the various ingredients in our Fat Loss system. KG4 is designed to mobilize and burn stored visceral body fat whether you are on a strict Keto diet or not. That’s a huge differentiator right there.

1) 8-9 grams of 4 BHB salts, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium (as opposed to 3 in similar products that have no potassium) to provide an efficient source of fuel in the form of exogenous ketones (think high octane gasoline) and promote fat burning. This is where the ingredient list stops for the competition.

2) Full spectrum of high quality vitamins and minerals chelated and easy to absorb.

3) A greens supplement in case you’re not great about eating your vegetables and to keep your system alkaline while transitioning from a high carbohydrate diet to a more protein/fat/Keto oriented diet.

4) Adaptogenic herbs like mushrooms, lions mane, and ashwaganda to calm the endocrine system and adrenals.

5) Botanicals known to enhance mental focus, alertness, and concentration and support energy while transitioning into ketones/body fat for fuel.

6) Theobromine to prevent jitters

7) Digestive enzymes in the form of amylase, lipase, protease for protein and fat assimilation

8) A small amount of Sucralose to overcome the unpalatable taste of the 4 salts. Hey, if it tastes bad, nobody will drink it. There will be another formula coming out with Stevia rather than Sucralose in the near future but it won’t taste as good.

9) There is a natural appetite suppressant inherent in the formulation in case you don’t fully comply with the Keto lifestyle, you can still benefit from the formula. According to Alexy, it’s best to stay on fewer than 100, 70, or ideally 50 grams of carbohydrates a day.

10) It’s a powder that is mixed with water and consumed with your first meal of the day and has only 5 calories. Used 6 days on and 1 day off. That gives you a cheat meal or cheat day to look forward to.

Ok that’s it folks. Here’s the link to the company promo video.

And Oh! I didn’t mention that New U Life has partnered with Keto expert Thomas DeLauer as our professional educator. Here’s a video he created just for us to explain the science behind the Keto lifestyle.

Again, you can go all in on the diet or not and still expect results for fat loss as long as you’re not eating cake and doughnuts all day. Common sense tells you there’s no product that can overcome irresponsible eating and lack of exercise. I’m here to help you, answer your questions, and support you in any way I can on your fat loss journey. Let’s do this!!!!!

To Your Very Best Health,



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